Going to the Winter Olympics


Wasuffeen 1101 day(s) ago

Wow, Simply wow and all the best to you :)

Ben 1923 day(s) ago

On top of these, a huge thanks goes out to Ian Smith and Catherine Trevett, and Nic Eves. More names to rock the helmet!

Ben 1923 day(s) ago

Thanks to Trish Oosterbaan for joining the big group of awesome pledgers! We're a few days past the half way mark and only $3290 left to raise! Thanks everyone! The helmet is now black and names start going on today...so a picture will be up soon.

Ben 1929 day(s) ago

The fund is building again... A few of you pledged earlier and it has just shown up on the site, so a huge thank you goes out to Phil Rich, Grant Stockman and Adrian Farnsworth! Your support is really appreciated! We are not quite half way through the time and already we have almost made it to 50% of the goal! Thanks everyone! I have the Beaver Creek World Cup race for SG and GS coming up on December 6th and 8th, so to meet the new helmet rules, CARRERA have sent me a new lid. It's a bit Aussie/Jamaica so maybe a black paint job might be in need. To all of you who have signed up for your name on the helmet, what design should I write the names in? (Last year was a koru).

Ben 1929 day(s) ago

An enormous thanks to Peter and Kirsty Gendall! The tally is getting up which is awesome news! On top of that, my first Nor-Am GS race of this season is tomorrow. Skiing well, so let's go! On a side note, if you've had trouble with the pledge system, let me know. Apparently it isn't updating automatically if you don't click on the 'return to thrill pledge' button after the paypal system. Cheers everyone!

Ben 1929 day(s) ago

We're now up to $1890 ... An awesome effort for 10 days in! Big thanks to the following who were missed earlier... - Mark Black - Andrew Griffin - Beau Rapley - Julie Griffin - David Tomlinson from Thrillpledge - Peter Ganderton - Samuel Paterson - Cj Doust - Stacey Bolger You are all champions, and I thank you for your support! My first GS races are in a few days and a good performance should seal my Olympic spot...let's get after it!

Ben 1937 day(s) ago

Toni-Rose and Kurt are onboard! Thanks you two! More names to fill the helmet up and we've passed the 10% mark now. Cheers everyone!

Ben 1938 day(s) ago

Big thanks to Andrew Macdonald for signing up! Cheers mate!

Ben 1938 day(s) ago

Thanks to Lee Hanson and my family at home in Ohakune for your pledge! Great start!

Ben 1939 day(s) ago

Awesome! We've got the ball rolling, with pledges from Julie, Raymond and Marilyn. Thanks guys! Also a big thanks to Wayne and Carrie - although it still hasn't shown up on the system yet, it is without a doubt true, my southern lakes family were the first to show their support! Cheers all!




Wahoo! We have lift off! We had to stop taking pledges at
Wednesday January 8, 2014 at 9:17PM.

Ben Griffin

AKA "Ben"